Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Ke tumi Nondini

random chinta from a confused mon
plastic words from a caustic tone
thakey ei koli premi saat somudro paar
din ey beta blog lekhey ek chollish bar


kobi thakur apnar ofuronto bhandar ar thokar style.
not funny :))
The speculation that Kobi Thakur is a PhD student based in San Diego can be laid to rest.
Ouch! My sides ache from laughing so hard!
i need proof that TM's comment was not paid for.
"koli premi"....oshadharon!!!!!
Who's bribed me? Kobi babu, na confused mon?
Etar uddessho ki Sagnik bhai,
Jahar kono URL aar baaki nai?

to be continued mile after mile


bhai tumi bolcho je it is not funny
tomar raager karon ami bodhoi jaani


all speculations have been put to rest
dravid is number two and sachin is the best


bhai tomar boddo lomba naam
cheyechilam lichu pelam je aam


what do you think - je ami besh shosta
amakey kintey lagbey taka full bosta


ssshhh! ota bola baron!


you have raised a khub bhalo issue
let me go and get some tissue

moha bangali:

theek dhorecho cherona
next target prerona
hah!bhishon bhalo kobita ta..teleute'r blog theke elam.
phata phati!
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