Monday, December 22, 2008


Deep nibhe jaay

Sex kore bhoriyechhe campus-er nook
Dito shey amar dike come-hither look
Boro boro chokh aar noroboro buk
Shey kotha bhebe je mon kore chhukchuk
Obarito bosom-er shey barite ghotona
Bondhura dekhe bole 'ore dhaak, oto na!'
Nobeener kaj niye probeener aapish
Nodi par hoye giye machh holo haapish
Room sharing factor Oscarito actor
Pabo je kothay khnoj sexy shei back-tar

Aager moton shei byapaar-taa nei, Kobi Thakur. Outsourcing hocchhey naki?
J.A.P case u didnt know we have a "depression" prevailing...hence the quality has gone for a toss...
Newayz reminded me of some of the Kobitas i heard back in school and college...
This is the problem with most Bloggers, they don't provide contact details on their Blogger profile. So there's no other option than leaving a comment which is not a comment at all. So here goes, mind going through my blog and leaving a comment or two?
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