Saturday, November 05, 2005



roshoboti romoni, mishtanno radhuni -
nijer rupkotha nije boshe boney.
pratchett-priya; bangali nostalgia -
sei kotha lekhe se ja aashe money.

i see. suspicions confirmed, i'd say. and kobithakur(ani), thank you for withholding your lethal khochas :D
shottyi onek kom thukechhen syaar.
Rimi, aami-o kintu tai bhabchhilaam. Not San Diego, but go where the wind blows and the jazz flows.
Ani eirom bangla likhle ami chair theke pore jabo!
na na NAAA!!! thakur(ani)=thakurani, because if you notice, some poems are stylistically different from others, so i thought there might be men AND women involved! okay???
Oooh ok ok, that makes lots more sense! Raag korish na Rimi :)
Hmm...kintu poetic voice to chhele meye je konoi hote paarey. Aamaader shob purush Boishnob kobigulo-to Radha-r identity dharan kore anek Krishna piritir kotha bolechhen.

It just might be someone who's good at gender bending, that's all. In that case, bahba
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