Monday, February 04, 2008



Kobi Thakur is teller of truth, not seeker of links.
He forges ahead, not caring who swims or sinks.
He is poet. He is not swimming coach.
Whoever annoys him he will stomp like roach--
Like an old roach with uneven legs,
Chuck it in bin like washed-out dregs;
Or leave it drowning in its own juices;
Or torment it while the grinder sluices.

hmm! fire esei to dhamaka dekhchhi porpor tinti!
when will u expose yourself?
Kele Panchu:
Panchu, emon ki keu bole?
Amar mon gelo je gole.

Who are you fangirl?
A real girl, or a disguised churl?
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