Sunday, November 06, 2005


Mystery thickens

rimi of re-me fame, bhabey aami nondi
thalassar money aami ani rupey bondi
keu keu bhabey aami samit the writer
sondehor jaal aaro hoye gelo tighter
urmidi nishchinto je aami ani noi
kashyapeya lagiye dilo aro hoi choi
keu bhabey eka aami, keu bhabey jora
jaa toder bolbo na, guess kor tora

umm, i have been accused also.
se hoyto karon tumi-i doshi
dosh erate nak ghoshaghoshi
rimi of "re-me" fame? ami gelam chote!
amar nijer teen-teente blog kaanchkola mote?
aar 'nondi' banan bhul korlei bhabchho aami bhulbo?
darao, tomar real id dudine tene tulbo!
yes yes,im certain kobithakur and tellyoot are the same.
this is not fair.
Guess-er gunjaney besh jomechhey mojlish
Aaro kichhu clue nahoi KT koro publish
hmmm.......really can't understand why everyone wants to find out who KT really is :?
come on as long as he dishes out pome after pome it doesn't matter to me if KT wishes to remain anonymous or not :)
Amar bhabar karon ache
Aar kichu na thaak
Kobithakur ekta chele
Jar mathate taak.
chaliye jaan dada/didi. chaliye jaan. amra stands theke applaud korchi. ebar kintu lokjon bujhe jaabe.
i agree. it IS teleute.
I have a feeling its either JAP or Ani... it could be someone else also.

maybe its a group thing. its quite possible.
Blogosphere e ami besh notun
Tai jani na tomra shobai ke
Kintu mone hoy shob theke shotti kotha beriyeche
Greatbong er mukh theke.
bongo bhabe tele kobi,Jap--bhabe rimi,
mikra bhabe ani kobi, haashen chud- marani
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